Is This Real Life!

4:07 PM

Growing up we all experience having famous role models or someone to look up to. I can honestly say that no single celebrity throughout my childhood has managed to capture my attention. That is until I started watching the E! channel on television. This channel has introduced me to ALL my role models. I fell in love with Guilliana Rancic, Rachel Zoe, Brad Goreski, the Kardashians, and many many more. Being the fashion lover that I am, I enjoy reading the books that these celebs write to gain inspiration and see how they came about being famous. While really enjoying reading Brad Goreski's book, Born to be Brad, I posted a photo of it to Instagram. One week later (today, January 4, 2014) I woke up to see that Brad Goreski himself had liked, and commented on the photo that I posted. Never in a MILLION years did I EVER expect for this to happen!!! I know it may to be a major event, but with the impact that this Canadian stylist has had on me, showing me that even though you may be from a small town in Canada, you can still make it big and have your dreams come true. It was such an honour to have this fabulous human being comment on a picture of mine on Instagram. I had no intention on trying to seek out his attention but I surely got it, and it has brought the BIGGEST smile to my face and is definitely a highlight of mine for 2014!
This is such an amazing, unforgettable start to my 2014 and I cannot wait to see what else it has to bring. Thank you Brad Goreski for such an inspiring, life changing  jester, I will never forget this! If anyone would like me to do a book review on Born to be Brad  or have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below :)                                                                       - Jacy xo

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