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Rompers and Jumpsuits can be some of the easiest and most comfortable things to wear during the summer months, however, they can also be some of the most difficult to style. Seeing as you are wearing an outfit made out of the same material and the same print throughout the entire piece you need to take precautions when it comes to accessorizing in order to prevent overdoing it. So here are 4 tips & tricks to styling both rompers and jumpsuits!

1. Chunky Jewelry
Romper: GUESS ,  Hat: from a local boutique ,  Necklace: Forever 21 , Bracelets: GUESS ,  Shoes: Volcom
Adding chunky jewelry is an easy way to accessorize an outfit without making it look too overdone. When pairing with chunky jewelry make sure that if you are adding a necklace or other jewelry that you keep it simple and minimal. Seeing as there are gold accents on the romper itself I'm going to keep the focus on the romper and the bracelets. Here I am pairing the outfit with two chunky chain bracelets along with two bangles, small chain necklace, a hat, and some plain black flip flops.  

 2. Oversized Cardi
Romper: Brandy Melville , Cardi: Winners , Necklace: Forever 21 , Bracelet: Tiffany&Co , Watch: Suzy Shier ,  Shoes: GUESS
For a more cozier look I love going for an oversized cardi. When adding an oversized piece make sure the there is a noticeable cinched waist on the romper or jumpsuit in order to prevent the cardigan from making you look too boxy.  Since I am adding such a plain piece to the look I've added a few silver accessories in order to add a little something to the look. Here I added a long charm necklace with a watch and chain bracelet, while adding addition silver touches with my gladiator sandals. 

3. Statement Hat 
Romper: American Eagle , Hat: GUESS , Necklace: Spring , Shoes: Volcom 
Hats are a great way to instantly make an outfit more put together and fashionable, especially when they are oversized. Here I added an oversized floppy hat and keeping the rest of the outfit simple with a long necklace and a pair of solid flip flops. When patterns are as strong as this one I like to only add items within the same colour category which will help to prevent myself from over doing it and creating too loud of an outfit. 

4. Denim Top 
Romper: Ralph Lauren ,  Denim Top: GAP , Necklace: Winners , Bracelet:  American Eagle , Shoes: TOMS
One of my favourite items to add when wearing rompers and jumpsuits is a denim piece. Whether it is a small denim jacket, or a simple shirt tied around your waist, it is an awesome way to add to an outfit. Here I added a denim shirt tied around the waist. By doing this I am creating a break in the pattern of the jumpsuit which calms the print down slightly, without covering too much of it up. Since I've added such a bold piece I've kept the jewelry minimal by adding a delicate necklace and rustic bangles while finishing off with a pair of solid cream sandals that are within the same colour category as the jumpsuit. 

 I hope that these few tips & tricks have helped you to style some of your rompers and jumpsuits!
If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them in the comment box below :)
- Jacy xo

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