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Recently I went out of town and of course managed to squeeze in some shopping while away. One store that I don't have access to where I live is Lush, so naturally I had to stop in and stock up on a few items. Seeing as the days are getting colder and autumnal items have taken over the stores I decided to grab one of Lush's limited edition fall features, as well as some of my all around favourites.

Bubble bars are one of my favourite products from lush because they create such a fun bath by adding a ton of bubbles and colour to your soak. This limited edition fall feature has such a soft, natural, citrus smell which makes it perfect to curl up in on a crisp fall day. The sparkles also make it so uplifting and warming to bathe in. 
Yet another glittery bubble bar perfect for soaking in after a long day. This one creates a beautiful, warm, gold colour in the bath which automatically creates a cozy atmosphere. The smell is also amazing. It has a very fresh, crisp, citrus smell to it which I love. You can also get several uses out of this one.  
The comforter will forever be one of my go-to bubble bars. It creates such a gorgeous rich pink colour in the bath and the smell is just amazing. The creamy, fruit scent that this gives off automatically puts me in a relaxed state. I also find it to be very moisturizing and can get several uses out of one bar. 
This is another personal favourite of mine, especially in the cooler months when my skin can be a it drier. This gives off an incredible vanilla scent without being too over powering and always leaves my skin feeling extremely soft and moisturized. 
I love this bath bomb for those gloomy days where you just don't feel completely awake. As soon as I pop this one into the bath I feel so awake and reenergized. The avocado makes your skin feel so soft and the awakening scent of lemongrass leaves you feeling so refreshed.
So there are the few Lush items I purchased while out of town. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me through any of my social media links - located in the top right corner.
- Jacy xo

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