Beauty | DIY Acne Face Mask

12:00 AM

Why spend a ton of money on face mask when you can make 100% natural ones right in your own kitchen! I've always struggled with skin care products since the majority of them irritated my skin and even caused my breakouts to worsen. This mask is not only gentle enough for my skin but it has helped to improve my acne and redness with just a few uses. Below is everything you will need.

1 tsp of honey (creates moisture while soothing & softening the skin)
1 tsp of cinnamon (prevents the cause and spread of acne causing bacteria while reducing inflammation)
1 tsp of nutmeg (is an anti-inflammatory & anti-fungal)

Start by mixing all of the ingredient together until they make a thick paste. You may need to add a little more honey in order to help make it spreadable but too much will make it runny. Once you have it all mixed together simply add it to any area where you have/get acne or acne scaring. Try to prevent putting it near your eye area since the cinnamon can be strong. Leave on for about 30 minutes (careful because the honey will become runny with the heat from your skin) and then just simply wash off with a warm wash cloth. I use this a few times a week as needed and its helped to prevent acne and reduce my acne scaring/ redness, while overall making my skin more clear and smooth.

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- Jacy xo

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