College Closet | Skinny Flare Jeans!

7:54 PM

Recently I purchased a pair of GUESS skinny flare jeans and I have been in love with styling them ever since!  They are a a lot longer then my legs, which makes them perfect to wear with heels. So here are a few outfit ideas I created with my skinny flare jeans.

.  Denim Top: American Eagle  .  T-Shirt: H&M  .  Necklace: Stiches  .  Bracelets: GUESS  .  Shoes: Payless Shoes  .
.  Purse: Michael Kors  .
.  Jacket: GUESS  .  T-Shirt: H&M  .  Shoes: Aldo  .  Purse: GUESS  .
.  Top: Eddie Bauer  .  Necklace: Stiches  .  Shoes: Payless Shoes  .  Purse: Michael Kors  .
.  Cover Up: Winners (Trendyland brand)  .  Tank Top: American Eagle  .  Shoes: GUESS  .  Purse: GUESS  .
.  Top: ANGL (from the USA)  .  Bracelets: GUESS  .  Shoes: GUESS  .  Wallet: Michael Kors  .

Hope these outfits inspire you to style skinny flare jeans! Leave any questions, comments, or requests in the comment box below :)
 - Jacy xo

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