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Fall would have to be one of my all time favourite seasons, it's cool enough that you're able to wear layers but not too cold where you have to wear a full on winter jacket. I also enjoy this season because you finally get to see all of the bright colours fade out and see the more neutral colours come back into the stores (neutrals are my favourite). Unfortunately where I live here in Canada we get a very short fall season and it can be a bit on the cooler side so I like to have a fall wardrobe that can easily transfer into winter. Below I have what I consider my "Fall Essentials"!

1. Jackets

I like to switch it up between two jackets throughout the Fall just based on how the weather is that day. If it's a rainier day I like to go for my water resistant trench coat (Michael Kors) which will help prevent my under layers from getting wet and having the length for a bit of extra warmth. My other go to would have to be my biker jacket (H&M). I love this jacket for layering over knit sweaters on a cooler day or just a plain neutral t with a scarf on a warmer day. 

 2. Tops 

You can never go wrong with thin knit sweaters (Brandy Melville) and neutral t's (Top Shop) in the fall time. I love the thin knits to wear under one of my jackets and paired with a nice pair of boots and the neutral t's are perfect for pairing under my biker jacket with a chunky scarf!

3. Bottoms 

Dark skinnies/jeggings (American Eagle , Dynamite) and dark leggings (Lululemon) are all that I need when it's fall. I love them because having something tighter on the bottom flatters you more when you wear something looser/baggier on the top (ie. the loose knits or loose tops with scarves). Along with this skinnies/jeggings/leggings are ideal for wearing with boots because you don't have to worry about trying to tuck them in or have them bulging out over the top. 

4. Shoes

Tall boots/rubber boots (Hunters) and ankle booties (Forever 21) are my go to shoes throughout the fall months. As I said before we have cooler falls here then most, so in my opinion closed shoes are necessary. I need to be able to wear socks and have warm feet without having to bring out the bulky winter boots. I love my Hunter rain boots because we tend to get a lot of rain/ early snow falls so it's nice to have either a rubber boot to throw on or a pair on leather boots to protect you from the cold, wet weather. Ankle booties are also perfect because they'll keep your feet warm without having to go to the extent of a full boot. Plus it's hard to get away with ankle booties when there's tons of snow on the ground so now is the perfect time to wear them.

5. Accessories

Fall accessories would have to be my favourite part of a fall wardrobe. They can completely transform your outfit and are a must for keeping you warm. A felt, floppy hat (GUESS) is an awesome way to make any simple outfit more stylish and can also help to tame the hair on some of those windy days. They can also help to keep you warm without having to wear a toque. Chunky scarves (H&M , Lululemon , H&M) are my ultimate go to items for fall. They are the coziest things to add to any outfit and always manage to make you look more stylish without adding too much.

So I hoped you enjoyed seeing my Top 10 fall must haves. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them in the comment box below and don't forget to follow me on all my social media sites!
- Jacy xo

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