25 Facts About Me!

12:40 AM

So to start things off I thought I would get a little personal with 25 facts about me ! 

1. I have naturally curly hair. 

2. I am currently in college for Business. 

3. My friends in college call me Mom- I like to be very organized and keep everyone on track and they like to tease me about it :)   

4. I have had the same best friend for over 10 years and even though we are miles apart we talk every day!

5. I do not like being in or on water unless I can see the bottom. 

6. I have to have either tea or coffee every morning. 

7. I had honor roll (80% or higher) throughout grade school. 

8. I like to eat my cereal out of a large coffee mug rather then a bowl. 

9. When I was 9 I broke my nose. 

10. I have a fear of storms (strong winds, thunder, lightning etc). 

11. My family calls me either Jace or Jacy Joan (Joan is my middle name, not my last name). 

12. I get extreme anxiety over tests (I could be asked to write a grade 2 test and still have anxiety over it). 

13. I prefer heels over flats, yet I never wear heels. 

14. I cannot leave the house without my headphones, I love to listen to music everywhere I go. 

15. I have three tattoos, which I got before I was 18 but my parents willingly signed because they were all family related. 

16. I took dance lessons for 5 years (jazz, ballet, pointe, hip hop, and lyrical). 

17. I cannot wear jeans without a belt, even if the jeans fit perfectly. 

18.  I dislike wearing socks. 

19. I am a Canadian. 

20. It is a huge dream of mine to attend a fashion week somewhere in the world. 

21. I am extremely close with my parents. 

22. I prefer writing in pen (unless it's math) and for some reason my favorite pens are the plastic ones you get from hotels. I always ask for a bunch whenever I'm staying in a hotel. 

23. I have to sleep with an extra blanket, I even bring one to hotels and on flights. 

24. I have a bad habit of biting my lip. 

25. If music is playing I will sing, even if I don't know the words. 

So there are 25 completely random facts about me! Feel free to leave any questions or comments below :)

-Jacy xo

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